Squat takes a knock

Shit, another injury. I had this pain on the right to my lumbar spine for a while now. Wasn't too bad, and I kept training. In the last two-three weks it intensified, to the point that I could hardly walk. The pain also descended and is now pretty much localized around the right sacro-iliac joint. It is worse on standing and walking, better when sitting down.

For the last several days I've been doing exercises from http://thelowback.com/fix.htm. They are very useful, and combined with the abstinence from squatting they seem to help. I am feeling better, though still far from one hundred percent.

For now I am going to concentrate on exercises that don't involve loading of the spine. It sucks, because I really like the feeling of moving heavy weights (well, heavy for me). I am not going to rush my recovery and hope to be able to get back in the cage. I guess for now I can try progress with chinups, dips, ring exercises etc. Shit, I can't even do any cardio: running/walking and kettlebell snatches all hurt! Hell with it, in the meantime I'll try get rid of the fat I picked up in the last couple of months.

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Anonymous said...

This pain must be a real disaster when you stand at the operating table for even 45-60 min and they feel like hours. Have you tried one-legged squats instead of the barbell version? Shouldn't be too hard given the fact you reached bodyweight load in barbell squats. That's what I did and I'm happy with this transition. Anyways, great blog - thanks for the inspiration, my older colleague!