The state of affairs

I am still not justifying the name of this blog. I am mostly focused on squat, so dabbling in other lifts, such as standing press, dips, chinups etc., is not particularly consistent or goal oriented. I am thinking though of making better effort at them. I also want to add deadlifting to my training. That is when I completely sort out my back.

Which is, I must confess, is not one hundred percent. During the last session I again managed to tweak my SI. Nothing too serious, but uncomfortable. Learning to listen to my body still eludes me. Even though I am very careful and attentive, the damage becomes obvious only after the fact. The same this time: On the second rung of the last ladder I felt sharpish pain in the back, and it was clear that this is it. Never mind, I still finished the last tripple, so not to violate the completeness of the workout. It's not bad now, but not good enough to get under the bar again.

Back pain or not, I am still fopcused on my goal of squatting 1.5 times my bodyweight by the middle of December. The only thing is, I added a few kilos, so the goalpost moved from 105 to 107 kg! Well, I will follow the line similar to "intention to treat" in research and will be happy with the initialy set number.

It feels good to gain strength. I feel solid and mechanically more stable. I easily move patients on the operating table when needed. The knowledge of being able to lift positively affects the mind too.

I gained some size in my thighs, as well as unsightly belly. Nothing too large, but larger than I have ever had. I am not worried about it now, all of it will be dealt with later, when I reach my goal.

Tomorrow morning I am seeing a chiropractor, and goddammit, it is Terra from the Irongarm! The world is very small.


trapbarboy said...

Greetings Eugene!

I am new to your blog, and seeing your latest post and the title of your blog I am curious as to why you have chosen to do barbell squats rather than KB squats.

Back squats are difficult to master from many, while squatting with KBs in the rack position is easier on the body.

You may have already addressed this, please forgive me for commenting without giving the blog a thorough reading if this is the case.

Eugene said...

Barbell exercises are ideal for building pure strength. My goal is to squat 105 kg, and one reason barbell is more suitable for this is that I don't have 52 kg kettlebells. Another reason is the technique. KB squats are closer to BB front squats, and I think back squats are more balanced exercise.

trapbarboy said...

Fair enough, Eugene.

Front squats are much easier on the back and less weight is needed to equal the results compared to back squats; good luck with the injuries!