1 August 2010

Last session was on the 11th of July, about three weeks ago. I have been away on holidays and didn't have a chance to get back to training until today. Not expecting a great workout.

2 x 24 kg jerk:
5 reps/min, 22 reps

20 kg snatch:
20 left/20 right

A post on de-training is warranted...


Anonymous said...

Privet Comrade! I have been using kettlebells for 3 years.

Currently living in Victoria.

I made a video of my progress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtvLnyC5lUA

What do you think? I max out at 5x32kg press, 20x32kg press, 15x32kg swings and 2x48kg press each arm.

Eugene said...


If the first part of the video is jerk then these are moments you can improve.

1. No second dip. Thet's why it looks more like a push-press

2. No lockout: you never straighten the elbows. This is true for all of your lifts above the head.

Pressing 32 kg is impressive, but bent elbows spoil the effect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eugene,
I find it hard to lock out the elbows because of the size of my deltoids.

I focus more on the security of my shoulder blades (keeping them down).

But for the next time I do my exercises I will lock the elbows more :)

Do you know of any russians living in Ballarat? I would like to learn the language and train with some old masters of the sport.