22 August 2010

2 x 26 kg jerk:
2 min/10 reps x 5

BB Deadlift:
50 x 3
60 x 3
70 x 5 x 2

2 x 26 kg farmers walk:
1 min x 2

For the sake of variety I decided to change the workout, increase the weight and do repeats instead of long sets. Going heavy feels good and forces the technique. Doing shorter sets gives a bit of a mental break from the grinding nature of GS.

Deadlifts. It seems that box squats hurt my back as it happened before. This is very unfortunate as they are great exercise. On the other hand the sportsman of my level doesn't need something sophisticated, and I decided to go with deadlifts for a while. Today was quite a surprise; deadlifting 70 kg - laughable weight - was not easy. My best couple of years ago was 110 kg (I think, could be 115). Specificity of strength in action.

I also decided to concentrate more on jerks and do snatches less frequently. I have very limited time to train, so maybe it is better to concentrate on something I like plus a bit of general fitness, such as deadlifts and running. I would go for long cycle, however - gentle me - they also hurt my back, so I will stick with something milder. Call me a wuss if you will. Besides, some time ago I progressed in snatches quite well by doing contiunuous sets with multiple switches several times a month. Maybe this is the way to go for me.

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