9 December 2010

I haven't logged last two sessions. During those I did front levers (can do it now with one leg extended for a few seconds), weighted chinups with 24 kg (several singles), hit a new latest chinups PR - 15 reps. Plus pushups and pistols at moderate volume. I am also trying to re-learn my handstand, it is ugly at this stage.

Today I couldn't resist the itch and did some jerks with two 16s at 6 reps/minute. I could only last 6 minutes: the pain in the forearms from the pressure of the bells is overwhelming! Otherwise I could easily go for full ten minutes. I guess I have to re-learn that too.

To finish off.

Front levers, one-legged:
5 seconds x 4

Top chinup hang:
30 seconds x 2

12 kg snatch:
More of a rehab movement this time...

Handstand work, trying to walk/stand for the duration. Longest is about 20 seconds.

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Surly Bird said...

Good luck with the forearm recovery. Really like your blog.