Return to the kettlebell and slow burn reflection

I have been enjoying BW training. However I am beginning to feel restless without kettlebells. I have been incorporating them into some of my workouts and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. My back seems to be taking light snatches and jerks well, and I will do more of them in the near future. I also decided to re-start posting my training here. Hell, how many blogs does one need...

Recent posts on IGx were related to HR monitors and slow burn training by Maffetone and Mittleman. I haven't read the books, but I understand that the idea is to train at lower intensity - read lower HR - in order to build endurance base and burn fat. From the reviews and crums that I can gather I prefer another book on the subject, Heart Monitor Training for Compleat Idiot, by John L.Parker Jr., the author of Once a Runner, apparently a bestselling cult novel. I actually bought the latter a while ago after reading all the rave reviews. I couldn't finish it, it was so boring, and now regret not buying Heart Monitor Training instead.

Anyway, the philosophy of Parker's HR training is to find the low and high intensity HR zones and alternate workouts between below 70% and above 85%. I think the idea is perfectly suitable for GS training. Getting above 85% is easy: just do heavy jerks or snatches. For easy days though you can do continuous snatching with multiple switches, with light bells and at slow cadence, anything between 10 and 20 minutes long. They help getting used to long sets and at the same time are not particularly taxing, mentally of physically, just like a light jog. You can do them in front of TV too.

Continuous snatching is a good way to train for GS snatching set, and I did a post on this method a while ago. Light long snatches are more of a cardio workout at low intensity, very suitable for light days.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are posting here again, Eugene.

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