4 September 2010

I noticed soon after the last workout that instead of 15 kg plates on my barbell I had 25 kg. So all lifts are actually 20 kg heavier. I was wondering at the time why 60 kg deadlift feels sort of heavy.

I did not touch the KBs the whole week and hardly have time to train today, the reality of many amateurs. That's why I smirk at the motivaional remarks of many coaches: "do you have what it takes", "are you prepared for the sacrifices" etc. No, I don't and aren't. I have to pay the mortgage, private school fees, insurance, petrol, food and so on, kettlebells are at the bottom of the list. But I do have some time before they call me back to the hospital, so I am going to do some lifting.

2 x 24 kg jerk:
5 reps/min
13 reps

I woke up with quite a bad headache. It got better during the day, however 10 jerks brought it back. The lifting session will have to be postponed until better times.


Truculent Dad said...

As an older (48)man myself, I can relate to your comments. Those of use who are not 25 year old professional trainers and have kids & other obligations cannot always train with that level of consistency or intensity...I explored the limits of my athleticism when I was young, now I just want to be able to chase my kids & grand-kids through the park without getting short of breath.

Anonymous said...

Жек, привет.

Я о головной боли после толчка — скорее всего это связано с наличием тригерных точек в мышцах шеи.
Ты знаком с работами Janet Travell (Myofascial pain and disfunction)?
Или еще ближе к телу — работы Clair Davies — Trigger Point Therapy Workbook? Я нашел в сети, пдф в 100 мб.

Настойчиво рекомендую.

До связи,
Ник из Приморья