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I seem to have run out of fresh articles on GS. It's one of problems with fringe sports - not much research. Also, those who train don't mind to stick to old methods.

As I mentioned earlier I decided to take a little break from GS. Just to start moving my joints in other directions. It is also useful to get detrained a little, so that the body starts responding to training again. Consider it a block training system, alternating pure GS with pure strength training. To stir a bit of controversy, I am also becomeng interested in static hold training by Pete Cisco. I especially like his philosophy on the frequency of training.
Rant mentioned PL system developed by Surovetsky. I got interested and did some search. Two interesting things happened as the result. First, while Rant posted the table which referred to nine week long cycle, original system was developed for sixteen weeks. Two, it turned out this methodology is very popular among Russian powerlifters. I read quite a bit about positive results achieved with this method. So I decided to share it with those who might be interested. The link to the system in Russian is here:

Ascold Surovetsky is an Honotrary coach of Russia, CMS in powerlifting, European PL champion and World silver medalist in veterans division in 1996. Best results in under 75 kg category: squat 200 kg, bench 140 kg, deadlift - 262, 5 kg, total - 585 kg.

The system consists of 8 microcycles lasting 16 weeks. Three sessions per week. The first table shows calculated weights percentages for squat and deadlift only, based on current max. Bench is trained every day using two systems described below. Percentages are not recalculated after max efforts in the table, only after getting through the whole program.

Sorry for the quality of the table. You can either compare it with the original at the link or email me and I can send you Excell spreadsheet. It is simple though, the percentages in microcycles go from 74% to 88% except for heavy sessions for DL and SQ (DL-h and SQ-h).
Bench press. System No.1.
Percentages based on current max. Three sessions a week. Last set in a session is performed with the pause on the chest. First sets in sessions 1 to 10 are the same. Last column in the table is actually Partials with 100%. These partials are done from pins at 10-12 cm from the chest.

Bench Press. System No.2.

On the original site the description of the program is followed by the interview with the author. I don't have time to translate everything, but here are some basic points.

The program is suitable for lifters of all levels. Also, depending on the time before competition you can start the program from anywhere. You can also repeat the program as many times as you wish, as long as you get results.

Nice template, though a bit complicated. Very pleasing for the geeks who like percentage calculations. Enjoy.

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Central Fitness said...

squat and dead is 16week cycle but the bench press(1) is 5week cycle more deload and the bench press(2)is 2 week cycle more deload?

is correct?