16 October 2010

I am starting back with GS. I have been in correspondence with Sergey Rudnev who kindly advised me on the training program on jerks, suitable for my life style, age and physical condition. I am not at liberty to publish the program here: Rudnev is associated with a certain GS organization, and by training others makes his living. You are welcome to follow it here.

I am planning to do GS training (jerks only) twice a week and supplement it with bodyweight exercises (pullups, rings etc.), squats once a week and light running. Hope one will not interfere with another.

2 x 18 kg jerks: 9 reps, 1 minute
2 x 20 kg jerks: 9 reps, 1 min
2 x 16 kg jerks: 21 reps, 3 min

BB squat:
50 kg x 3
75 kg x 5
60 kg x 20

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