17 March 2010

24 kg OAJ:
switch every minute
10 reps/min
14 min, 140 reps

In January this year one of my employment contracts expired, and the hospital chose not to renew it, along with six other anaesthetists. That place provided me with the biggest share of my income. I understand their point of view - they wanted to save money, and it's fine with me. The side-effect though is that I have grabbed every possible session that was offered to me and, as the result of the anxiety, took more than I should. The work itself is no big deal, the problem is lack of free time. Hence reduced training frequency and intensity. I haven't managed to overbook myself for April, so hopefully I will have more time wor working out in couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Go a little heavier with less frequency and less volume. Add in some TGU and core work. When you have time you will be stronger and refreshed to resume your GS.

Paul said...

hey. Hope time becomes more pleasent for you soon. Thanks again for your info. i hit a New Zealand record(if that means anything in GS)but my city is stoked. plus i think im the only GS lifter. jerks 80 snatches 160 with the 24s. thanks again. wouldnt of been able to do it without your hints and tips. its the little things.

Eugene said...

Anonimous, any less frequency than now! Very tempting though. I agree about going a bit heavier.

Paul, congratulations. And thank for kind words. I am very happy my musings can be useful to someone. Keep going.