20 November 2010

Today is the classic "when you are in a hotel and have no access to equipment" day. The feast for BW trainees. I am on call at a remote hospital. The theatre is covered by a very competent senior trainee, and I have to jusy be in the vicinity and be available for something horrible. After having lived and trained in South Africa the difference in definitions between these two countries are fairly different. Violent crime and serious road trauma in Australia are rare. I can be on call at a major trauma hospital and not come across a patient with something more serious than a broken arm as the result of fooling around on monkey bars. Well, that's why I am here, away from the stress of crime. It's good when local newspapers, in search of a sensation or scandal, dig up domestic animals rights abuses or seriously discuss the harm of Family Guy for young minds. It's certainly better than discussing a girl shot and killed over her mobile phone or hijack of a car with the mother and her two kids in the middle of Sandton.

But forgive me as I digress. I am working out in the most primal way in the motel room.

Frog stands:
10 sets of 7 seconds
As prescribed by Coach Sommers in his Gymnastic Bodies. Very unusual cramps and spasms all over the body. Good anterior pump. Wrists feel molested.

Chinups (on some decorative boards placed between the cupboard and the wall)
The boards don't look too relaible, and I am moving very slowly (an excuse for superslow of sorts)
7, 6, 7, 7, 4. Last set really slowly both ways, nasty burn at the end.

Handstand pushups:
5 x 3 sets
Right shoulder is sore and too much pressure in the head

3/leg x 7

Lizard stretch
Hamstring stretch
A bit of PNF

Finisher: 22 pushups

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