30 November 2010

I don't post all of my training lately, mostly because a lot of it is unstructured and happens away from home. I do pushups and pistols at work several times a week GTG style. It raised eyebrows at first, but by now most of my colleagues and nurses are used to it. Today I returned from work early and could train properly.

16 kg weighted chinups:
3 x 4 sets

Dips on bars:
10 reps at slow tempo
2 reps very slow: down, up and pause 10 seconds each
Lots of burn and pump

12 kg swings:
1 set of 20
Light weight just to test the waters and start low back rehab

Hang on bar 60 seconds

2 x 12 kg overhead squats;
1 set 0f 5 reps
Surprisingly difficult: my shoulders are very inflexible

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