18 November 2010

During the last week I was doing some GTG a la Pavel at work. Sometimes I do pushups between cases, yesterday I was doing pistols. Haven't done them for a while and feel quite weak, but did 9 reps per leg. Today short home session.

5 x 7 sets, rest 1.5 min

Dips on bars:
10 x 3 sets, rest 1 min


zachariah said...

Hi! You mentioned that you were giving lifts a break for 6 months but then described body weight drills as if they are really different. They are not. A small break from EVERYTHING then move forward with what you enjoy combined with some movement skill proactive-make sure every area of the body is moving appropriately.
Your heart and head are n the right place as far a coaching but finding someone with the skill to actually judge movement will be difficult. Kinesiologists in general are awful with training that is behind the times and most other movement practitioners are no better...
It just sounds like you need some movement skills with proper programming no 6 months off (why 6? why not 8? or 2.3 or 4.5? Are these 4 week months or 4.3 week months as is standard in 52 week years?) My point is to get you to add more precision not take a really long break :)
Lastly stretching is dead. If you are still stretching hamstrings etc you have a different issue besides using a dead modality to repair an issue than shouldnt hang around if you have been training a long time...
Just trying to help another 40+ GS guy....

Eugene said...

Zachariah, thanks for the comment. The reason for BW exercises is that 1.they are not weight bearing - not loading the spine - and 2.I have some skill with BW movements.

Why 6 months? Why not? That's what feels right. I might change my mind and make it shorter.

My back seems to be better with less tight hamstrings. Besides, I see no harm in becoming more flexible.

I will keep looking for whoever can help me with movement therapy, be it kinesiologist, osteopath, chiro or Z-health. I have Six Pieces of Brocade DVD, maybe that would be helpful. Or Tai Chi.