12 January 2010

Deadlift - touch and go:
50kg x 16

16kg x 8
BW x 9

16kg x 10
BW x 11

There are couple of reasons for touch and go deadlift. First, usual training training ADD. I haven't done them before and decided to try. Second, lowering the weight seems to force better technique on me, which is sort of good for my back.

I am thinking about a program for the year ahead. I want to get stronger, yet don't want to abandon kettlebells and GS. Yet I don't have much free time. So it should be something like jerks once a week, deadlift once a week and couple of good compound exercises like chinups, dips and handstand pushups. This should keep me fit enough. I still have to work out the set/rep scheme. Suggestions and links to good programs that combine the elements of GS and weight lifting are welcome.


Mr Chesser said...

Eugene: thanks for doing this blog, gives me hope that I am not a freak.

Just wondering ... what equipment are you using to do your dips on?

Eugene said...

I have a pullup/dip station, similar to that on the videos of Ross Enamait.

Boris Terzic said...

I am having a similar dilemma so far I've been mixing a 3 day percentage cycle with timed sets and it seems to be working.

But time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eugene,
A Swedish GS guy (Frogster) has just started a block which might suit you see: