17 October 2009

2 x 19 kg LC:
7 reps/min/2 min
14 reps

Wanted to try and put more volume in the same time, but the headache started appearing from afar. So converted to the standard 2 x 5 sets at 6 reps/min.

2 x 19 kg LC
5 sets of 2 min at 6 reps/min
rest 2 min
60 reps total

Total workout volume 74 reps = 2812 kg, not that much. It is amazing how much difference 2 kg increase in weight makes: it feels so much heavier.

I am trying to make an aapointment with the chiropractor recommended by Terra from IGx. Hope he can do something about my headache.

About an hour after the session I have the headache. I must do something about it. Chiropractor is one option, and I am planning to see one next week. Next step will be to see a sports physician. In regards to training, maybe I should take a break from LC and switch to biathlon for a month or two. The intensity of jerks is less than that of long cycle: it is less complex movement and less elaborate - there are no cleans. In fact, you can say that for the same number of reps the intensity and volume of LC is double that of jerks, as you are lifting the same weight twice. Therefore, unless you do double the number of reps with jerks, the intensity of the latter will be lower. Maybe I should do it...


girevikdavid said...

Hope you get some relief.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Darden,
do have any opinions about neck size and EIH? Most of my clients who get EIH are small women with even smaller necks. I've never seen someone with a halfway decent neck get EIH. Thanks, Chris.


Yes, I believe you are correct. A larger, stronger neck helps prevent exercise-induced headaches.


Anonymous said...