2 October 2009

I am getting a little obsessed with 10 LC set with 18 kg. So decided to try it - AGAIN! - today. Warmed up thoroughly, did lots of mobility drills for the shoulders and the neck. Alas, at the end of the 2nd minute it started waking up. Bitch! It was mild, sure, but I know what happens if you don't back off: last time it took me about an hour and lots of strong pills to get it under some sort of control. I guess I will have to wait it out.

It is obviously ridiculous to count 12 reps of LC as training session, so I jusd had to do something else. For some reason or another snatches are ok and I did some with 24 kg, and not too badly at that.

24 kg snatch
switch every 10 reps
100 reps total

Shit, I timed myself, but was so winded at the end of the set that forgot to look at the clock. Idiot! Interesting, snatching 20 kg is mainly limited by grip endurance, but increasing to 24 kg got me out of breath before hands had a chance to fatigue. Measly 4 kg...

I have a feeling that the headache is somehow caused by cleans. I am sort of banging the bells against my chest during cleans, and it seems to trigger some muscle spasms which eventually cause pain in my head. I have to look up some stuff on cleans technique.

A little finisher:

24 kg OR push press:

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Lars said...

Hi Eugene,
I have some questions about Girya-training. Please send me an e-mail and I will send you the questions. Is that ok for you?
Adress: lars.frankfurter@googlemail.com