3 February 2010

20 kg snatch:
40 left/40 right
about 5 minutes

Feeling tired today. Days like these are quite demotivating...

Here is the video for comments and criticism:

2 x 20 kg jerk:
20 reps x 2 + 7 reps

the plan was 5 sets of 20 reps resting 2 minutes in between. But for some reason I am too tired. Maybe it's too hot. (Too lazy more likely).

The video of the second set, feel free to take it apart.

To finish off:

12 kg snatch:
10 minute set
100 left/106 right

Yeah! I would really shine in under 12 division!


Anonymous said...

16s or 20s - they're yellow?

Eugene said...

Etalon bells, filled with leadshot.

BH said...

Just a couple of thoughts to consider...

Snatch technique: I think if you concentrated on generating a little more hip drive when the bell is starting its course upward then you could eliminate the need to dip at the top as you finish. You definitely have the strength and power to do so and I think it will save your legs/overall fatigue in the long run. It is a little more noticeable on your left side than on your right .

Breathing: While snatching I have been told that one should exhale strongly as the bell falls, inhale on the upward swing, and breathe as needed in the overhead position. As for jerks I find that I can control my breath (and fight off fatigue) if I take one or two strong, quick exhales while the kettlebells are in the overhead position and one big, strong exhale as they fall into the rack postion (breath as needed in the rack position) and inhale while driving upward. These breathing techniques help me keep a good cadance.

Best of luck training.

Alexander said...

I found that lead at the bottom of bells makes it harder, less stability in lockout (tiring) etc. So, it will probably give you more training effect.

Nice vids! Wonderful jerk lockout!

Marko said...

Good effort. I think t would be a good idea to focus on the top position's stability in the snatch. Maybe some OAJ work, some holds, so there would be no wobbling of the elbow and shoulder, for safety reasons.

Alexander said...

Snatch lockout: I lockout in a way very similar to Eugene and has a tendency of wobbling.
I wonder if the cork-screwing on the way up makes one more prone to wobble?

Is it mostly a strength issue that can be helped by oa jerks? Or, are there any more secrets to avoid it?

If I go via "flip-over" to lockout there is no wobble, but I don't like the flip-over.

girevikdavid said...

snatch - agree with BH on the hip drive bit (not the breathing on jerk). Looks like you are not generating sufficient power popping the bell up and to compensate, you are both dipping and actually muscling the bell up at the end causing the wobble. It almost looks like a pressout albeit of an arcane variety. I think if you really think explosion when the bell begins to reverse its trajectory at the bottom, pull in close to the body, and then you will be able to just guide the bell with your hand, fixate strongly without need for a dip and save energy and possible injury.

Emily said...

Corkscrewing on the way up definitely causes more wobbling. I've switched from the corkscrew up to the flip over the top and the latter results in much quicker fixation. My snatch is far from perfect, but my fixation is pretty good these days.