More on snatch again

Sergey's comment on the previous post. It offers new ways of self-flagellation and deserves to be published as a separate entry.

Another snatch assistance drill from Rudnev/Morozov cookbook: Snatch every 7.5 seconds. Business as usual, but you pause at the top and bottom position for 7.5 sec. 15 seconds per rep, 4 reps per minute. I tend to swing the bell a little while waiting for 7.5 sec at the low position. Timer/beeper helps maintain the pace. Same idea, smooth grip-saving pull to the top, better lockout and control at the top. I like those drills, they bring some fun and variety to otherwise boring and grinding long sets.

On gloves - wearing Wal-Mart edition ($1.49 two pairs) cotton/acrylic knit gloves I can only squeeze 25-30% of my best snatch numbers. And after 2 minutes when your wrist and forearm burn like hell you naturally begin to pull very gently. Anyone who is into this masochistic self-inflicted torture called GS should enjoy it a great deal. Good luck!

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