27 February 2010

2 x 24 kg jerks:
5 x 1 min sets @10 reps/min
rest 1 min

Expected to do more than last time (6 sets) but couldn't.

12 kg snatch:
98 left/101 right

Just for the sake of doing something I am going to try grow snatch numbers from here, by increasing the weight. So next session it will be snatching 13 kg (or whatever the smallest barbell plate I have).

I have e new problem, a spasm/pain in my left calf muscle. I am beginning to doubt if I am cut for GS at all.

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Anonymous said...

Do not give up. Kettlebell lifting is for everyone young and old. Have you considered using a lighter weight and working on proper technique. From personal experience, basic lifts(swing,clean) are very important. Only after mastering these basic moves should you proceed to more advance ones(jerk, snatch). I personally believe one should start off learning hard style so that you know how to tense up, protect your back. Only after learning how to protect yourself from injury can one go on to GS where people can still protect themselves even in a relaxed mode.