9 February 2010

On the 31st of January this year my contract with the hospital where I did most of my work has expired, and the administration wizards decided not to extend it. Not that they said it like this, but the proposed contract was so ridiculously unfair and inappropriate that most anaesthetists simply walked out.

Why am I telling this here? It will take time to fill the days with more work, and presently I have quite a bit of free time. Some of which - of course - I can spend training!

Today - easy session.

2 x 16 kg jerk:
20 reps at 10 reps/minute
50 reps at 10 reps/minute

16 kg snatch:
50 left/50 right
in about 6 minutes

It's funny, I snatch more or less at the same cadence with bells of all weights, about 15 reps per minute.

Some progress is definitely there: two years ago I struggled with 16 kg jerks for 40 reps, and today's set was relatively easy. I should do long sets more often.