And a little more on snatch

Here is one of the comments by Sergey to the previous post. Sergey has his blog where he logs his training.

Maestro Rudnev recommends snatching in gloves not for hands protection. Gloves must be slick (cotton knit) to help practitioner to learn how to pull steady and gently. This should help to develop grip saving technique. Same principle applies to snatch/swing sets. I asked Igor Morozov this question: why gloves, why snatch/swings? The answer was: [translated from Russian] -Usual cotton gloves, should be slippery, strengthens the grip and teaches you to pull the bell smoothly. Snatch with alternating swing: do one swing to chest level, and the next swing snatch the bell to overhead. This exercise strengthens the grip and teaches to pull the bell from the bottom smoothly, without jerking and unnecessary overload of the hand.

I tried snatching with gloves today, and the first impression is that it does both. The grip got taxed very quickly, and I had to pay attention to the smoothness of the snatch. It also seems that the hands are protected to some degree. Too late to make conclusions, but snatching in gloves is interesting.

Today's workout:

2 x 24 kg jerk:
1 minute @ 10 reps.min, 5 sets
Rest - 1 minute first 2 breaks, then 2 minutes.

After resting - another 2 sets of the same.
70 reps total

16 kg snatch:
in gloves

2 min/32 reps left/right, no rest
1 minute/14 reps left/right

total - 92 reps, forearms are seriously smoked.


David said...

Very interesting, Eugene. Thanks for posting.

Sergei said...

Another snatch assistance drill from Rudnev/Morozov cookbook: Snatch every 7.5 seconds. Business as usual, but you pause at the top and bottom position for 7.5 sec. 15 seconds per rep, 4 reps per minute. I tend to swing the bell a little while waiting for 7.5 sec at the low position. Timer/beeper helps maintain the pace. Same idea, smooth grip-saving pull to the top, better lockout and control at the top. I like those drills, they bring some fun and variety to otherwise boring and grinding long sets.
On gloves - wearing Wal-Mart edition ($1.49 two pairs) cotton/acrylic knit gloves I can only squeeze 25-30% of my best snatch numbers. And after 2 minutes when your wrist and forearm burn like hell you naturally begin to pull very gently. Anyone who is into this masochistic self-inflicted torture called GS should enjoy it a great deal.
Good luck!