16 March 2011

2 x 18 kg jerk:
4 min/25 reps
5 min/29 reps

16 kg snatch:
max set, one switch
50L/62R, just under 9 minutes


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Brian said...

I have been very intrigued by the last couple of links that you have posted. It has led me to try something a little different in my kettlebell bell training. Instead of focusing on rpm and rest intervals, I have been trying longer sets with no emphasis on time. I go for a specific number of reps and I do not worry about any how long it takes me to finish which leads to nice slow sets. I do focus on my heart rate and try to keep it in my proper 180 formula range. I've been happy with my workouts so far and plan on doing this method for a little while and see what results I get. Thanks for the informative postings.