Snatch workout variation.

Browsing through old posts on various GS forums I stumbled across an interesting post on the Ukranian GS board. One of those moments: something you've seen before but didn't appreciate it at the time. The post was from esteemed Ukranian coach Moroz on snatch training, his reply to a question how to improve snatch numbers. The poster could snatch 24 kg 165 times, after that his grip gave up. His training included snatching 32 kg 5 x 50 on Mondays (25 + 25) and 24 kg on Thursdays: 8 x 80 reps (40 + 40), up to 200 - 220 per hand.

The reply is as follows.

Alex, your general endurance is sufficient, you have to work on the special one. Try work out three times a week. In order to avoid overtraining train like this: Monday - medium load, Wednesday - light, Friday - heavy. After 2 or 3 weeks of serious training deloading week: minimal load with light weights.

Variants of medium session.

32 kg - 3 minutes or 24 kg 4 minutes. Alternatively - half snatch (high pulls). Alternating hands or switching every 3 - 8 reps until failure. This way, however, has one danger: almost everybody gets their hands ripped.

Variants of light session.

16 kg 10 - 20 min or 24 kg - 3 min.

Variants of heavy.

1. 24 kg - 7 min
2. 28 kg - 5 min
3. 24 kg (28) - left to failure, switch, right to failure. Without rest switch again and so on. If best snatch is 160 plan to do 220.

4. Left: 28 kg - 50 reps, put down, 24 kg - 30 reps, then 16 kg - 50 reps (130 reps total). Without rest repeat the same with the right arm.

5. 24 kg - 5 min. Minimal rest - repeat.
6. Sometimes (not more often than once every 1 - 1.5 months): 32 kg switch every 10 reps.

Variants are endless, however work closest to competitive conditions should predominate. Make it a goal to snatch 24 kg for 220 reps. Based on this perform this lift at 21 per minute, slower with heavier bells. Think this through and plan for the next 2 months.

After deloading week you can plan max set, not necessary with 24 kg, you can do it with 16 kg as well, but at good tempo and for 12 - 15 minutes.

Every Friday stand with the 32 kg bells (by the sides - Smet), gradually increase the time from 2 to 5 minutes. Strengthen the back and the legs. It is desirable to run once or twice a week. Obviously, work on the technique. Work on "the pendulum", powerful pull and relaxation. Best wishes. The end of post.

It is interesting to see how serious coach avoids giving definite set/rep recommendations. It's rather "think it through and plan", with lots of options and tweaking, not something that sells very well to the masses. Lots of templates are variations of continuous snatching. Static standing holds are also popular with Russian gireviks (as are hangs from the bar) and apparently quite useful.


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