24 March 2011

2 x 16 kg jerk:
10 minutes/64 reps

This is the last workout of the microcycle. The goal has been met (55 - 65 reps in 10 minutes).

Cutting it short: I think I am coming down with a cold. Wanted also to do long snatch set, but taking into account that I have to work this weekend I rather not. These bells aren't going anywhere.

I am enjoying my current program. It is easy to follow, and only one workout out of six has ten minute set in it. So far - so good. Next cycle starts next workout, whenever it's gonna happen.


Fuji said...

Great blog!
Good results :)

Fuji said...

I'm beginner.

My max:
2x16 JERK = 20reps (2 min.)
16 SNATCH = 20L+30R

How would I train?
I have 2x16kg, 1x12kg and 1x20kg kettlebells (cast iron kbs).
Maybe this weight is too much for me? But I haven't pair 12kg kettlebells.
I read this blog from beginning, and there is program for many pair kettlebells - not for my equipment :(
Can you help me?
EDT will be ok for me?

Eugene said...
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Eugene said...

Hi Fuji

Welcome to the blog. I don't know what your level of conditioning is, but I think EDT with two 16 kg bells should be ok. Make sure you start slowly. For example, start at 5 reps per minute. Once you manage 10 minute set start over at higher cadence, and so on. If you stick with this sport eventually you will need heavier bells though.

Fuji said...


Slowly - 5rpm - 10 interval sets (1/1min)

My last (my first!!) GS training:
- 2x16 jerk - 5sets (8rpm - intervals 1/1minutes)
- 16 snatch - 3sets L + 3sets R (12rpm - intervals 1/1minutes)
- 2x16 jerk - 3sets (8rpm - intervals 1/1minutes) - finisher

<30 minutes.
Jerk - 64
Snatch - 72