Training template and thoughts

Few months ago I contacted Sergey Rudnev and asked him (Him!) to write me a simple program for jerks, taking into account my age, physical fitness and the fact that I don't have much time to train. He kindly did that, however soon after I damaged my back and abandoned lifting altogether for good several months, only after a few workouts. In a few words, the template was doing jerks with varying weights, with the duration of the sets gradually increasing, culminating with one 10 minute set at the end of the microcycle. Next microcycle - increase the weight by 2 kg, repeat. After completing 10 minutes with 24 kgs - start again with higher cadence. The recipe for eternal progression.

To be an absolute pain in the butt couple of weeks ago I contacted Rudnev again with a strange request. The problem is that I have Etalon bells adjustable by lead shot. It is a bit of a pain to change the weight in the middle of the workout, mostly because it took time. So I asked for a program where every workout is done with the bells of the same weight. I even suggested some sort of progression myself. Rudnev was surprised but very accomodating, and suggested somewhat different template.

I am not at liberty to disclose it, because Rudnev has contractual obligations with IKSFA. As Shaf said, training for GS is not that difficult to figure out. The scheme I am following is a microcycle going from chorter sets with heavier bells to longer sets with lighter weights, culminating with one 10 minute control set. You can get some idea by following my blog, it's not a rocket science and everyone can figure this one out.

On a different note, I've been somewhat disappointed in IGx. This is my favorite forum: uncensored, unregulated, rude and unreserved. Opinions are shared freely, and names are called without delay. I like shit stirring and have been called names a few times. I like provoking that crowd, and results haven't been disappointing most of the time.

Lately, however, I get a bit uneasy, for several reasons. Over the last couple of years there have been more and more strange posts. Rant, for instance, has been frankly fooling around forever, but recently his outright jokes - that should be taken with laughter - have been met with spite. Frankly, Rant is one of the most interesting posters there, fun and politically incorrect, with very high threshold for being offended. Sure, he throws provocative posts now and then, but that's what that forum is supposed to be for, not serious discussions by gurus.

I am surprised by the lingering hate of Eric Lifford. I've never met that man and personally have no opinion of him. Sure, couple of years ago he wrote some dubious blog posts promoting AKC, where he mentioned apparently non-existent military event in Afghanistan, with emphasis on kettlebell fitness. So now there is this sticky thread with name calling which apparently will hang there to the eternity. From the very beginning I was surprised by the intensity of the reaction to Lifford's post. I have deep dislike of the army, and my service in the army is limited to the Faculty of Military Medicine and one month in the actual army barracks, the obligatory in then USSR, therefore I don't feel the same way servicemen do about this. But this is how I see it. Sure, Lifford may have invented stuff, which is not very nice.On the other hand he wasn't critical of the Army or the war, neither he insulted servicemen directly. At worst it was a lame story used for dubious marketing, hardly the first or the last. To me, the reaction it caused was out of proportion.

Alas, as I said, I am not in the military and cannot understand the feeling to the full extent. However, I disagree with the fact that the issue still lingers on the forum. Even accepting the point of view of Lifford committing the most serious crime, by keeping the topic alive gives the perpetrator more power than he deserves. Would you like a plate on your house announcing that someone is a cunt?

Lastly, the couch thread. Crossfit or not, how come the thread dissing others is the most popular on the whole forum? It is not even sticky, but gets refreshed virtually every day. I still don't know why Crossfit gets so much bad rap. I know one of CF coaches in Sydney, and his knowledge and attitude to training is solid. Sure, rhabdo and cult like culture. I don't see however how it is different from the Biggest Loser or Boot Camps. I still don't give the rat's ass about either, but I find the popularity of the thread distasteful. What was it: superior minds discuss ideas, while inferior ones talk about people?

Whatever, I guess. This is my blog, and I can allow myself a rant or two once in a while. Irongarm is still a fun place, free and lightminded. I hope it does not deteriorate to the level of celebrity magazine.


jon said...

just wanted to say i really appreciate your information on the blog. i have been working a little with the russian edt template, and have a question. if i cant do the 10 reps x 10 sets with a minute rest, is the most logical change too lower the reps but maintain the set and rest numbers? thanx for your time

Eugene said...

Just do as many sets with 1 min rest as you can. After that either stop and move to assistance exercises or do the rest of the sets with longer rest periods.

jon said...

thank you for your response.