23 May 2009

My back is still fragile, and I am not going to do anything stupid today. Very mild, very careful workout. I also decided to wear a belt during exercises that affect the back which, in my training, is most of them - squats, jerks, long cycle, cleans and snatches. I know, it is better to develop your own "belt" made of muscles. Well, either my technique is not adequate or my bodily tissues are getting old. Good or not, I do not like sore back.

Barbell squat:
50 kg x 20 reps
5 x 3 sets
10 x 2 sets

17 May 2009

I still cannot get out of that flu: the cough persists, and yesterday I was feeling worse than the day before. Today is ok, so decided to give training a go. Fuck it, can't sit and wait to get better for ever, can I?

2 x 16 kg LC: 20 reps

2 x 24 kg LC:
1 min/5 rep x 3 sets
rest 2 minutes

I haven't touched 24s for a long time and now they feel really heavy.

2 x 16 kg LC:
5 min/30 reps

16 kg snatch:
40L/40R, about 5 minutes total time

13 May 2009

2 x 16 kg LC:
1 min x 10 sets
7 reps/min

Total = 70 reps

2 x 16 kg clean:
5 min/50 reps

24 kg OAJ:

Session volume - 4560 kg

10 May 2009

Warmup 20kg swings x 20

20 kg snatch:

Still feeling very weak, not gonna push myself.

Return (to the) Kettlebell

On the 15th of April I went to Vietnam for two weeks. The next day after returning I started getting ill: cough, the usual. Two days later I was sick like a fucking dog. Seriously, I was considering either sending my wife to the pharmacy to buy intravenous stuf and setting up an IV drip in our bedroom or going to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Understand that for a doctor wanting to see another doctor is really remarkable. Well, I got better in the afternoon. But the flu lasted for another week. The cough seems to give in at the rate of one millimeter a day.

Even though I am still coughing, I decided to start training. Nothing crazy or strenuous, just simple stuff.

Warmup - 20 20kg swimgs

20 kg snatch: 10R/10L
20 kg snatch: 30 seconds on/off, switch every set
10 sets (5 per arm), 90 reps total

I am going to call it the end. Two interesting effects. First - the heart is trying to jump out of the chest and this makes me very cautious: I don't want to become the newspaper headline "fitness enthusiast dies of cardiac arrest with the funny shaped ball in his hand". The second - hands have lost the callouses and are a bit sensitive. I will continue tomorrow.