31 May 2011

No time to train. Bloody hell, I should probably sit down and reflect on my commitments in life...

BB squat:
20 kg x 5
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 5
50 kg x 3
55 kg x 5 x 3 sets

OAMP 24 kg KB:

A lesson with the coach

On the recommendation of one of the nurses in one of the hospitals - her husband is a lifter - I went to see a coach, Pete Upham, who runs Shire Speed and Strength gym in Sutherland in Sydney. The gym is really cool: not a single mirror on the wall, no machines, just free weights, about five pairs of stands for squatting, oly lifting platform and couple of large tyres.

Getting advise from a coach is useful, to say the least. He filmed my squatting and dissected my technique into little phases, and then corrected them. I worked up to the set of five with 57.5 kg and decided to call it quits. I highly recommend coach Upham and his gym.

I hope the lesson is useful, and I will be able to progress in squat. I really like it. Besides, I have a cool squatting cage in my little gym in the garage, it shouldn't just stand there! In two weeks I have an appontment for the deadlift.

21 May 2011

BB squat:
45 kg x 5, 3, 2

24 kg OAMP:
7 x 2 sets

12 kg x 7

17 May 2011

The Blogger was for some reason unavailable for posting, and several workouts I did during the last week are not logged in. Didn't do GS lifts. Did light squats (got to 47.5 kg), weighted chinups, some KB presses and some rings stuff.

Today - back to GS.

2 x 20 kg jerk:
10 minutes, 57 reps

Fuck, that was hard at the end.

I tried the KB flip, the one Wild Bill posted on Igx. 12 kg was relatively easy, both pronation and supination. 16 kg - only pronation, but both arms. Yey!

20 kg x 4, 2 sets
BW - 10 (failure)

50 kg squat:
5, 3, 2.

7 May 2011

2 x 22 kg jerk:
7 minutes/37 reps

BB squat:
42.5 kg x 5-3-2

I tried adding back squat to my training several times for the last few months, but every time it made my back sensitive and I dropped it. Decided to try it again. Last session I did 40 kg x 20 reps, so far so good. I am going to do PTTP template from Pavel's Russian version of the book: 5-3-2 (instead of 5 x 2). The weight is laughable, but I am in no hurry. For now main goal is not to get injured.

3 May 2011

10 x 2

40 kg squat:
20 reps

15 x 2

2 May 2011

2 x 22 kg jerk:
4 minutes/24 reps
5 minutes/29 reps