A break from the blog

I am deviating from GS, so once again the name of my blog is not reflecting what I do. For the next couple of months I am going to log my training at Irongarm:

My IGx training log

8 June 2011

Recovering from very unpleasant flu, this workout is a light one.

BB squat:
20 kg x 5
30 kg x 5
40 kg x 3

55 kg: 1/2/3 x 3

16 kg KB press ladders:
1/2/3 x 1

Straigh legs situps x 17

Squat ladders feel very nice actually.

New plan +

Forgot to mention. Besides dips and chinups I am also going to do presses. Again, with much less emphasis on progressing than squats.

I am having a bad bout of flu right now. So will start as soon as I get better.

New plan

Here is the new plan.
Main part of every workout - BB squat. The rest of exercises - weighted chinups, weighted dips, ab work and KBs, jerks and snatches.

I am planning to try increase weight by 2.5 kg every week. On "heavy" days I will follow Shaf's ladders, 3 x 1/2/3. On alternative sessions I will decrease the weight by 20 - 25% and will either do similar ladders or simple 3 x 5, just for the sake of variety.

After squatting - 2-3 sets of either dips or pullups, or both, depending on the mood, 6 - 10 rep range. No particular emphasis on progression in these exercises. Once a week GS jerks, longish sets. Squat first on heavy days, on light days GS first. Ab work every session.
Main goal is to to stay injury free and increase strength. Try and keep some conditioning with KB lifts.
Starting next week...