25 March 2010

16 kg snatch:
58 left/60 right
6 minutes

Lousy, I expected it to be better.

22 March 2010

3 km run outdoors

Haven't done it for a while, feels hard. I also downloaded the coolest free application for iPhone, RunKeeper. It gives you the distance and the average speed of running of your workout. It also displays the map of the area where you are running, so that you can find your way back in a place you don't know well. Cool toy.

20 March 2010

2 x 24 kg jerks:
10 x 1 minute sets, rest 1 minute:
10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 5, 6, 7, 10
88 reps total

If I couldn't complete 10 reps I rested the remaining of the set minute plus the assigned rest interval. The goal today was to complete all 10 sets with as many reps as possible. Heart rate after the las set was through the roof.

I understand now why it looks like Rudnev and Lopatin seem to be jerking the head backwards during jerks. In actual fact the torso is deflected backwards, and in this position upper pecs are fired when the bells move up. Pecs are bigger than delts and are getting fatigued a bit later. That's my impression anyway.

I don't know how some people manage to do assistance exercises after main sets. I am smoked and can't think of doing anything else. Pussy, I know. But I am ok with that.

17 March 2010

24 kg OAJ:
switch every minute
10 reps/min
14 min, 140 reps

In January this year one of my employment contracts expired, and the hospital chose not to renew it, along with six other anaesthetists. That place provided me with the biggest share of my income. I understand their point of view - they wanted to save money, and it's fine with me. The side-effect though is that I have grabbed every possible session that was offered to me and, as the result of the anxiety, took more than I should. The work itself is no big deal, the problem is lack of free time. Hence reduced training frequency and intensity. I haven't managed to overbook myself for April, so hopefully I will have more time wor working out in couple of weeks.

14 March 2010

15 kg snatch:
93 left/108 right

Slowly progressing. Timed sets have their charm. 15 kg is nothing to talk about, but after snatching it for 5 minutes the forearm is burning. After I finished my right forearm was hurting real bad. On the other hand you get used to this kind of torture. I guess it is sort of similar with ultra runners: it doesn't get easier, you just accept it.

11 March 2010

Time is in very short supply today.

2 x 16 kg jerk:
80 reps/ 7 minutes
at 12 reps/minute

24 kg OAJ:
switch every minute
10 reps/min
6 min - 60 reps

7 March 2010

My younger daughter has turned 13 today. I have a little bit of time between the morning movie (Alice in Wonderland, it is amazing how badly you can fuck up a good book) and the restaurant later on. Hence short but intense session.

15 kg snatch:
Max set, one switch:
82 left/86 right
about 8 minutes

Gonna stay on this weight until able to do 200 snatches in 10 minutes. Got a bloody callus on the right palm, didn't rip it though.

5 March 2010

2 x 16 kg jerks:
10 reps/min
71 reps - 7 minutes

Short session: going to do virtual comp on Sunday.

3 March 2010

13.8 kg snatch:
100 left/101 right

In case you are wondering, 13.8 kg is a traditional Russian measure of weight used before 12th Century. It is derived from... Joking. I have a wrong style 12 kg KB, and after tying a 1.25 kg barbell plate to it with the medical plaster it weighed 13.8 kg. Progression a la McRobert, using childrens' weights. So far seems ok, just another 10 kg and I'll be proud of myself!

24 kg OAJ
switching hands every minute at 10 reps/min
10 minutes/100 reps. Not easy. Should do it more often.

I am nursing my left calf therefore not getting onto my toes during jerks. It makes it a little harder.