Happy NEw Year!

It's been a while since my last post here. What can I do, I am not an inpiring girevik anymore. I am very pleased with my progress in the recent months: I squatted 100 kg, and even without ruining my back! Even though I am not concentrating on other exercises I am making some progress there too. I look fairly muscular, and not only according to my wife: I get asked what sport I do from people I haven't seen for a few months.

I got stronger, and it also feels good. To complete the picture of fitness happiness I need to drop about 10% of bodyfat, however, given my willpower this is not likely to happen any time soon!

It's been a good year for me in all respects. I have become a better anaesthetist in the last twelve months. My family life and the relationship with my wife and daughters is great. My attitude to life has changed: I am more relaxed about the past and the future, and as the result I sleep better.

My resolution for the next year: none. I am done setting goals around dates. Things happen for a reason. Past is gone, the future has not come yet, and the present is fleeting. Life is what happens while you're making other plans. To make the God laugh tell Him about your plans. I don't see the need to search for more quotes on the topic.

There is nothing wrong with planning and trying to improve life. It is equally important to not lose the perspective of life. Couple of years ago I went to the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains. The caves are great, but I could not enjoy the experience because of the fucking tourists and their cameras that flashed non stop. What's the purpose of taking a photo? To fix the memory probably. So what memory you're are talking about if you're not even looking at the caves right now, while you're here? There is no better experience than... well, direct experience! I am not sure if I am making myself clear, honestly - I don't care much. The point is, every day stuff is way more important than a dream about the future.

The best training plan for me is to go downstairs to my garage gym and work out. Will I achieve double bodyweight squat? Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter? If I spend more time with my daughters, will it make my and their lives better? Definitely, and it does not matter if during the time together I am giving them a lecture or we simply watch a movie together.

Anyway, I don't want to spend too much time in front of PC. Happy New Year everybody! I wish all your goals and aspirations come true in 2012. Stay healthy and happy. All the best!