Training update

I wasn't well in the last couple of weeks and didn't train as much as I should. Nothing serious, some abdo bug, but uncomfortable enough to keep me from the barbell. yesterday was the first session after 10 day break. I lost couple of kilos of weight, and it makes itself clear during nsquatting: the barbell feels heavier. I managed to get up to 90 kg, but that was it.

More worrying thing is the uncomfortable state of my lower back this morning. This is especially disconcerting, as yesterday I made sure I get nowhere near pain and stopped as soon as the low back muscles started tiring.

Around 90 kg seems to be my current training limit. My initial plan was to try get to 105 kg and then swiath to another program, something along the lines of Russian squat routine. Master's Routine by Randy Hauer from Dragondoor looked all right for the purpose. I think I will have to make the transition earlier and at lower weight. I am going to give it a go starting this or next week, whenever my back feels up to it.

The routine is well known and is described here: Russian Squat Routine for Masters. It uses 60, 70 and 80% of 1RM, which for me would be 55, 65 and 72.5 kg. The program calls for squatting twice a week and consists of 16 sessions, lasting 8 weeks. For Masters or not, it looks bloody tough, so there is a high probability of me bailing out in the middle of it (hopefully not). Hopefully the routine will make my back stronger and prepare me for heavier weights.