After Forty Morphing into After Fifty

In the last year I have been more or less consistent with the training for GS style snatch. The more I think about it, the more I believe that girevoy sport is one of the better choices of exercise for people of my age group. GS is a compact sport, both from the point of view of space and time it requires to keep the trainee fit and reasonably strong. Ten minute snatch with 12 kg is not an impressive feat, but it is similar to a vigorous run: it gets you out of breath, makes you sweat and sends your heart rate up. Add to it couple of heavier and shorter sets plus a few barbell circuits - and you get a very nice workout.

I started this blog in the middle of 2008. During that time my allegiances changed several times, and my training ADD got me switching between girevoy sport, barbell squats and deadlifts, bodybuilding DoggCrapp-like routines, running and cycling several times. Still, I keep coming back to girevoy sport. My current goal is to be able to snatch 24 kg for 10 minutes, and I think I am on the right track. 

Recently I went through the posts of this blog. Things changed since started it in 2008. Girevoy sport is old news now. OTW wars are over, the arguments on Irongarm don't happen anymore, and even jokes about the boredom of GS are rare these days. I like it this way.

Anyway, I went through posts and realized that I put a lot of effort in this blog. And it is not a bad place to get information about girevoy sport. Obviously, hiring a qualified coach beats everything, but if you want to train on your own this blog can give you lots of tips. The only problem is that theoretical posts are mixed with my training log, which is neither exciting not exemplary.

I don't have the heart to delete my training posts and don't have the patience to back them up. I decided to start another blog, transfer posts which I think are useful and continue publishing interesting stuff and my own thoughts.

As I am now fifty-something the address of the new blog is  Anyone who's interested in girevoys sport is welcome.