Kettlebell Snatch. Beginners' mistakes.

I decided to publish the video of the same title made by Sergey Rudnev with the translation of its key parts. As is often the case with good instruction, even though the video is in Russian  many technical aspects are pretty clear. Please be lenient with my translation; video narrative is not as smooth as the written text. 

0:50. I will start with the initiation phase. Most common mistake is to initiate the snatch when the bell is in the bottom position. It is a gross mistake, because at the bottom of the bell's trajectory the centrifugal force is at its maximum, and as the result the load on the palm flexors is maximal as well. Therefore, to initiate the movement at the bottom is silly. That's why I advise to choose another starting point, somewhere here (showing with the empty arm - Smet), about 50 - 60 centimetres from the bottom point. At the end of the swing. To help you find the optimal point I advise snatching with extra swing, which emphasises the two phases. The swing will help you find the point from which to initiate the snatch. Alternatively you can use a mark. For example, I put another kettlebell at a distance, so that when I point my arm at it it is in the optimal position from which I  initiate the snatch. 

3:05. Next point I want to emphasise is the position of the arm in overhead position. The goal is to be able to statically hold the bell. For example, if you snatch a heavy kettlebell the tempo should be slower, and not everybody manages to relax during the fixation phase. In order to find the most optimal position I recommend performing lunges with the bell overhead. You can also alternate snatches and lunges. This way I learn to relax the arm overhead. I concentrate on the lunges, but at the same time get used to relax the arm overhead. Another exercise I can recommend is overhead squat. Like this: snatch, squat, etc. Or a windmill: snatch, windmill. Or you can combine all four exercises: snatch-lounge, snatch-squat, snatch-windmill, say five minutes with the light kettlebell. The fantasy here is limitless. For instance I just thought of this: a walk with the bell. Snatch the bell, then do walking lunges, snatch the bell with the other arm and repeat the same way. 

6:40. The end of the instruction. 

There is another snatch technique video by Rudnev. I will translate it next time. 

In the meantime - you will do Sergey great service if you hit the subscribe button on his Youtube channel. I really believe he is the best Girevoy Sport coach you can find. 


JasonC said...

Oh, to do it all over again and learn Russian when I was younger! Smet, thanks, you're a peach. And Rudnev is a FREAK!

Krafttraining & Kettlebell said...

It´s along time ago and i started with GS as i found your blog...i think 2009..2010
So cool to see you still active

Thank you 💪
Daniel (Germany)