23 November 2008

Barbell squats:
80 kg x 5 x 5

Treadmill run: 30 minutes
Still a shit runner, but getting marginally better.

It looks like I am progressing better in squats than GS! Should I switch to PL?


Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you for your stimulating blog site.

I'm a girevik who is 63 and recently returned to training after winning a national title two years ago. the articles and your experiences are giving me good motivation for my own training.

Presently I do one day Sna and one day J with the bells and an Oly oriented weight program 2-3 days per week. "Oly oriented" translates as "no ass to the grass" - all movements are power rather than full squat. I also J using squat style rather than split relative to the specificity to GS.

Again thanks for all of your hard work in making the Russian sources available to the rest of us. Good luck in your training and perhaps we'll meet at a Master's competition one day!

David Elkins
Eugene, Oregon USA

Smet said...

Thanks and good luck!