24 December 2008

The leap, albeit small: I have finally found the time (and overcome my lazyness) and filled my Etalon bells with extra 2 kg of leadshot. So now I am working out with 18 kg bells. They don't seem much heavier, to be honest. As the workout progressed though the I became conscious of extra kilos.

We just came back from a restaurant, so I didn't want to try something very strenuous. Due to the lack of imagination I decided, what the hell, I will start Russian EDT all over again with the new bells. So here it was:

2 x 18 kg jerks:
10 x 1 min sets, 1 min rest in between, 8 reps/min

2 x 18 kg LC: 2 min/10 reps
2 x 18 kg cleans: 15 reps

While doing the LC I realized that I really suck at it (even more than at jerks!), the main problem being poor clean technique. As cleans are a good exercise for general purposes I decided to do some. Planning to include them in future sessions.

Total volume - 3780 kg.

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