Push press

Browsing through the old posts of Rybinsk forum I noticed the thread on schwoong, or push press, assistance drill popular among many Russian gireviks. The initial question was on the technique of this drill. One poster, Mandrigelya, who happens to be a GS coach, replied that he discourages his trainees to do it. According to him the jerk is done mostly with the legs and not the arms. He says once you learn pressing with the arms - the legitimate part of push press - you may have hard time unlearning - or not doing it - during jerks. Interesting.


girevikdavid said...

I've heard this before but I continue to do them. The great Oly lifters do them. I can't help but think the performance helps to stabilize the fixation. Personally, I really like OH pressing. Perhaps the problem is at the end of a hard set when time is paramount there may be a tendency to regress to the quicker OH movement?


CI said...

I think once you are truly adept at the Jerk, you can do push-presses, but when you are just getting the Jerk down, I think it would be ill-advised to alternate the 2. When I got adept at the Jerk, I actually had a hard time doing push presses, i.e. not doing a 2nd dip. Now, I can do it if I concentrate and think of it as a dip and drive and not a bump and drop..(Jerk)

Let's face it; most people learn pressing first anyway before the jerk.

I believe it is a valid move, but I can definitely see where it would create a conflict for someone who is just getting the jerk. They are 2 totally different movements. That's also why I discourage people to continue training presses while learning Jerks. Some folks think the added strength will help, but since folks tend to fall back to where they feel strong, they'll use their arms and not speed and power with thelegs. Jerks are all legs. After a heavy set, if done correctly, you should feel little in your arms except maybe just from holding the bells in the rack.

Smet said...

Good comment Catherine. Thanks.