2nd January 2010

It's weird to write 2010 for the first time. Time flies so fast it's scary. I remember the whole panic about the impending y2k, and now it is already 10 years ago!

The first workout of 2010 eh! I had another go at the sequence assigned by Denis. I managed a little better this time, however it's far away from completing the whole template. I guess perseverance is the key here.

2 x 24 kg jerks:
5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
Rest 2 minutes between sets

Again, the triceps gave up eventually and the headache started lurking on the background, so I stopped. Next time should be better.

Denis once said that the key to GS is being able to lift when tired. Couldn't be more true. Multiple sets with limited rest in between are a perfect way to train this quality. How many times can you get seriously tired if you do one timed set? With this template, on the other hand, you have several "chances" to test yourself under duress. The highlights of this workout are two 15 rep sets, other longish sets - 11 and 13 - as well, to some extent. You have to really watch your rack, breathing and lockout to be able to get through the sequence. And overall it is not too small a volume either, considering I never came close to such level before. 60 reps, 2880 kg. I am not too displeased.

I am now working with 24 kg on regular basis, and I think it is time to start setting some goals. Here it is, and you can call me on it at the end of the year.

I will try to achieve the following with 24 kg bells.

Snatch: 150 reps
Jerk: 70 reps
Long Cycle: 50 reps

How do you say it in English, ready, set, go?
Время пошло!

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