30 January 2010

20 kg snatch:
max set
60 left/50 right in 6:45

Left side was limited by the grip, the right one by cardio endurance. I got quite deconditioned while nursing my back. I also seem to be mentally limited by round numbers, funny.

20 kg overhead holds:
1min left/1 min right/ 30 sec left/ 30 sec right

Apparetnly AKC methods don't include static holds. It always amazes me how "other" methods get dismissed by them. If the replies were not so spiteful the argument would be rather entertaining. It's like someone saying: "I tried to drive from New York to Singapore, got stuck in the water. So I am telling you, cars are not good for getting to places. I am speaking from experience." Talk about context...

Fuck it, whatever the experience of AKC, I am not going to dismiss recommendations of Russian GS coaches. I do not feel very relaxed either in snatch or jerk in overhead position, neither do I have good shoulder and back flexibility. So I am going to try develop these qualities and find the best position overhead in both lifts with static work and then worry about getting there from movement. I can also the actual lifts while working on the overall technique.

Now, that I am pretty well conditioned by volume I am getting the hang of max sets. They are definitely kinder to the hands. The reason is simple, of course, with multiple switches I did close to 200 reps, now it is slightly above 100. Even though one poster on Rybinsk forum recommended doing such sets only once a week. I guess with heavier weights snatches are still taxing on the calluses. I should start doing one armed swings too.

Shit, January is already gone, it is actually not funny. I wish I had more time for fun and training...


girevikdavid said...

that session says the back must be doing better. Bravo.

Boris T said...

It's never good to speak in absolutes. No one method is perfect, take what works for you personally. I am also a fan of static holds, they help a lot.