Back trouble. Again!

On Thursday I started another workout with 24 kg jerks. The assigm=nment was to do pyramid sets. When I cleaned the bells for the third set I felt sharp pain in the lower back. Yesterday I could hardly walk, today it's getting better.

I now think it is something to do with the technique of my cleans. I had similar problem before and that was the reason I started Russian EDT sequence with long cycle with 16 kg bells. I also should spend more time warming up.

When I recover this time I am planning to do a lot of cleans, progressing from light to heavier bells. For the next week though I am - as English say - out of commission.


Chris said...

I hope you recover soon. I've suffered the same over the years.

David said...

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Tommy D said...

I had lower back pain when I transitioned from 16kg to 24kg for LC (didn't have any problem with just Jerks). I'm pretty sure some other factors played in, but at the end of the day cleaning 48kg over and over when you're not used to it seems to be the main cause.

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I know 1 amazing lower back recovery-just by regular drinking fresh beta(Свёкла)juice.But i never tried.Yet.
Take Care & Zdravyey.

Unknown said...

Hi Eugene,
Have had a similar experience with 24's. I decided to always start with 16's, 5 reps then 20's 5 reps.
Helps to get into the lifting groove.
I do this with whatever exercise is on the cards for the day, be it cleans, lc, presses or snatches.
The lighter weights seem to condition you for the heavier ones, plus you can really focus on technique.
Get better soon.

girevikdavid said...

sorry to hear that Eugene, as you probably know from IGx I'm nursing the same problem.
In doing P.T. and Egoscue, I'm amazed at considering generally how strong I am (for my age of course), how weak some of my core muscles are. Maybe some P.T. or Egoscue, or Pilates would be helpful.
Here's the problme - My warm up is obsessive: 10M on stationary bike (with a heating pad on my LB), JM, and ladders from 8kg to whatever I'm working up to. My technique is reasonable proficient. I still get injuries. So for me, the solution is literally to look deeper.
Quick comeback dude.