13 October 2008

We went away for the weekend, and I was planning big workout on Monday. We are doing low scale renovations at home, and I took a day of to put together cupboards from Ikea. I did put them together... But there was no chance I could lift another kilo after that. It was a combination of weight training - carrying hevy boards to the third level - and some imitation of Yoga - lots of movement with the electric driver, bending, twisting etc. I just hope there is carry over to my jerk numbers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eugene,
My wife and I hosted a benefit for a friend of ours who has prostrate cancer. It was a GS lift-athon with relaxed rules. 10 minute, change hands ar often as possible. My wife did a long cycle with a 44# bell, 69 reps, her friend Jenny same weight 85 reps. I used a 35# bell, jerked and snatches my way to 204 reps. A friend in MN snatched a 53# 210reps. A fun time and raised some money for our friend

Smet said...

I think competition with modified rules are great. They eliminate mental and physical strain typical for GS and make the whole event more fun. And if there is a cause behind it - all the better.